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DHS CISA RFI: Threat Intelligence Enterprise Services

Notice ID: 47QFRA23K0002


CISA intends to offer FCEB, SLTT and other stakeholders a streamlined CTI ingestion and sharing capability. The CB CTI exchange platform will be a one stop integration point for analysts and infrastructure to receive, share and collaborate on relevant and timely CTI, enabling teams to protect their environments and others. The platform’s collaboration capabilities allow analysts to work with others to further enrich CTI. Customers will have access to a centralized interoperable CTI platform to efficiently exchange, enrich, and analyze CTI to better reduce cyber risk.

A comprehensive cyber threat intelligence solution will enable collection and analysis of data from a range of feeds/channels, including social, mobile, and web sources. Third party threat intelligence data helps CISA and other agencies continually monitor their networks to detect breaches, domain and social media spoofing, and other threats associated with their vendors and suppliers. These feeds enable quick remediation for vulnerabilities, exposed assets and accounts. Common information required includes IoC management and history, network compliance, and TTPs observed in the sector.

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