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DHS RFI: TSA’s Open Architecture Initiatives

Notice ID: TSA25-04-03789


TSA has defined multiple, concurrent initiatives that implement open architecture principles to establish a connected transportation security system of systems. This RFI is focused on the following:

  • Common data formats and interfaces to facilitate interoperability:
    • Digital Imaging and Communications in Security (DICOS): development of the standardized data format (DICOS v3.0+) and associated toolkits for capturing data and providing it in a non-proprietary format.
    • Open Platform Software Library (OPSL) Development: standardizes data exchanges within systems to enable communication of mission data between system components.
  • Data accessibility to establish a comprehensive dataset that can be used to capitalize on industry advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other solution development. Industry guidance indicates that the majority of algorithm development effort is focused on the up-front data collection and management. o Stream of Commerce (SOC) and Threat Data Collection: collects and documents passenger baggage images and associated metadata in an efficient manner. o Passenger Baggage Object Database (PBOD) Establishment: stores and catalogs threat and SOC data in DICOS format in a data repository to support sharing with industry partners and government test facilities.
  • Common Workstation to standardize the physical and graphical user interface across screening solutions to reduce training, certification, and complexity for the officers.
  • Threat Recognition System (TRS) construct to combine computing hardware, OPSL, and DICOS into a platform supporting interoperable screening equipment (on-person, accessible property, etc.) while decoupling the algorithm and Common Workstation through vendor-neutral Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and communication protocols.

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