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DHS USCG RFI: CGMIX\Vessel Information System (VIS) Services

Notice ID: 52800RFI23CGMIXVIS


Per Congressional legislation, the U.S. Coast Guard was given the task to develop and maintain a Vessel Identification System (VIS) in order to share state vessel registration and federal vessel documentation information with law enforcement officials and state registration and titling authorities.

The population and maintenance of the Vessel Identification System (VIS) in a format that can be uploaded into the existing VIS, see Attachment 1-VIS Data Dictionary.  The VIS information shall include identification of the vessel, identification of the owner of the vessel, and identifying the state in which it is titled or numbered.  The vendor will obtain the monthly “Merchant Vessels of the US” report from the Coast Guard, merging that data with the state dataset, and providing a weekly report via FTP to the Coast Guard.  Specifically:

  • Each weekly file will be delivered via secure FTP and will include updated vessel registration data from every state and territory that
    • Has formally agreed to participate in VIS, and
    • Is able to provide updated data
  • Each week’s file will include data from different states as data is available
    • If states go offline periodically, every effort will be made to get the states back online without compromising the data already in VIS
  • Each month, the vendor will obtain a monthly Merchant Vessels of the US file from the Coast Guard and merge it in with the state dataset
  • Provide a point of contact able to address and rectify technical issues during normal working hours…

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