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DHS USCIS seeking Branch Chief, Data and Information Governance Branch

“This position is located in Immigration Records and Identity Services, Identity and Information Management Division, Data and Information Governance Branch.”

“As a SUPERVISORY PROJECT COORDINATOR (BRANCH CHIEF), you will direct a team responsible for coordinating, implementing and analyzing data management initiatives to ensure data integrity to effectively serve as the source for enterprise identity and immigration information.”


  • Oversee improvement of the bureau’s data quality and integrity by governing, defining, and classifying source operational information, analyzing processes, and executing enterprise-wide projects.
  • Serve as Chief over critical program segments, for which both the scope and effect of the work have department-wide or government-wide impact. Serves as the agency’s steward of identity and operational immigration information governance.
  • Supervises program specialists and performs studies on processes, in the handling and sharing of immigration information through information management practices and systems interfaces.
  • Provide oversight, negotiate data sharing agreements with agency partners, and develop training in the management and delivery of immigration information to all pertinent agencies related to the immigration and national defense interests.

Read the full job description here.


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