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DOC RFI and Industry Day: NOAA Next Generation National Water Model Framework


“In order to gather information from industry, the agency is requesting industry to submit a response via the below Google Form link:

The Google Form contains a list of questions and provides an avenue for industry to provide feedback on the attached SOO. Please provide a response by 4:00PM Pacific Time/7:00PM Eastern Time on Thursday, 26 May 2022.

Additionally, an industry day is scheduled for Friday, 29 July 2022.  Additional details will be provided as soon as possible and will be amended to this notice…”

“4.0. Objectives:

The changing climate is intensifying the impacts to water availability and quality, further increasing the uncertainty and risk facing the nation. This is necessitating new observations and tools, as well as the use of more physically-based water modeling and fully coupled Earth system modeling approaches which leverage the rapid expansion of available data and technology. Moreover, the increasing water-related challenges require a multidisciplinary approach, to employ the best science and technology while ensuring the enhanced information and services created are actionable by the diverse water resources community. In response to growing stakeholder demands for enhanced and integrated water resources forecasts and services in the face of these challenges, NOAA is actively engaged with federal, academia, and commercial partners to develop new modeling tools and capabilities leveraging complementary capabilities, resources, and missions.

Across multiple objectives is the need for requirements that include (a) heterogeneous hydrologic and hydraulic model formulations integrated via a unifying framework and common data model; (b) evidence-based selection of formulations that optimize performance; (c) cross-platform portability from desktops to supercomputers; and (d) modularized, modernized software development using open source, community-accessible best practices. More specific requirements are assigned below.

Performance Objectives:

The contractor shall build a scalable, operational-quality NextGen Modeling Framework, its supporting data model, a robust suite of operational modules, and an operational configuration which will be the basis of the next version of the NWM using this framework and data model, FIM services, and PFA.

4.1 Objective 1 Overview – Evolve NOAA’s NextGen Framework

The contractor shall develop a NextGen functionality using modern, modular, open software development best practices.  This framework will support the operational implementation of the NWM beginning in 2025 and annual updates thereafter.  The NWM must be underpinned by a common data model that also supports FIM…”

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