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DOI USGS RFI: Published Researched Data Tracking

Notice ID: DOIGFBO230005


The US Geological Survey (USGS) has a potential need for a product for tracking and analyzing data on social media and news sources to benefit the USGS and support the mission of establishing the best scientific foundation possible to help guide decisions and evaluate actions critical to the USGS mission. This product will provide the requisite information to USGS scientists and USGS leadership about the social media impact of their scientific publications authored by USGS users and the ability to follow the social media activity for any article tracking regardless of the authors.

  • Integration with other USGS applications through Application Program Interface (API)- Combine data rankings from traditional evaluation factors with social media characteristics to provide a comparable unique number for individual articles
  • Provide multiple sources of attention to research not provided by other services in clear, auditable ways with links to original mentions.
  • Allow for comparison of results at the individual author level, organizationally and with others in the scientific community.
  • The product does not require individuals to update a profile or provide regular updates about their research outputs.
  • The product comprehensively tracks news sources and policy documents across multiple languages using sophisticated text mining techniques…

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