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DOI USGS RFQ: Global Food Security-support Analysis Data (GFSAD) Project

Notice ID: 140G0323Q0066


The high impact of our previously-funded GFSAD products such as Landsat 30m GCEP30, 1km cropland dominance, and 1km irrigated versus rainfed is demonstrated by the use of these data by 126 countries during 2018-2021 (97 countries in 2021 alone), continued average downloads every month by about 20 countries, publication of 11 key peer-reviewed articles which already have 1276 citations in a short time-period (2017-present), and use for a wide range of applications.

Therefore, the overarching goal of this GFSAD continuity project is to develop a comprehensive global food security-support analysis data (GFSAD) project that will produce multiple cropland models, maps, and monitoring tools leading to a wide array of products using machine learning algorithms (MLAs), and satellite sensor big-data analytics through cloudcomputing. In this continuity GFSAD project, we focus on producing four distinct Landsatderived global cropland products for the years 2020 and 2025:

1. Global Cropland Extent Product @ 30m (LGCEP30-2020, LGCEP30-2025).

2. Global Rainfed and Irrigated Product @ 30m (LGRIP30-2020, LGRIP30-2025).

3. Global Cropping Intensity Product @ 30m (LGCIP30-2020 & LGRIP30-2025) &

4. Global Crop Type Product @ 30m for USA, Canada, and India (LGCTY30- 2020USACAN, LGCTY30-2025USACAN; LGCTY30-2020India, LGCTY30- 2025India).

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