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DOJ DC RFI and Draft SOW: TGD IT Support Services & Solution



The Diversion Information Technology Section (TGD), provides innovative IT solutions to support the mission of the Diversion Control Division (DC). The Diversion Control Program (DCP) is the mission of DC, whose purpose is to prevent, detect, and investigate the diversion of pharmaceutical controlled substances and listed chemicals from legitimate channels while ensuring an adequate and uninterrupted supply of pharmaceutical controlled substances and listed chemicals to meet legitimate medical, commercial, and scientific needs.

This contracting effort directly impacts the DCP’s mission, which is a major enforcement effort of the DEA. The DC is mandated by law to enforce the Controlled Substances Act by preventing the diversion of controlled substances and listed chemicals. Currently, the information technology applications are used on a daily basis by DEA personnel throughout the United States to monitor the manufacturing and distribution of legitimately produced pharmaceuticals and listed chemicals. The Contractor shall provide the support necessary to improve the information technology infrastructure and the associated administrative business processes in DC to enhance DEA’s ability to accomplish its mission.

The purpose of this contract is to obtain the services of a qualified information technology vendor to provide the continuous modernization, maintenance, and enhancement of DC’s IT applications and infrastructure.

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