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FCC RFI: Fraudulent Document Identification Tool

Notice ID: IT-23-004


Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) is issuing this Request for Information (RFI) seeking information from US-based companies with the ability to provide a software application that can be installed or called as a service from other USAC software applications that can identify fraudulent documents submitted to USAC.

USAC is soliciting information on available fraudulent document verification tools. The main purpose of the tool would be to determine if documents or images submitted to USAC are authentic or fraudulent. As an example, fraudulent documents could include an image or pdf document of a copy of a benefit notice where the name of the applicant is replaced or altered. The tool should be available such that it can render decisions automatically without human intervention and also have the capability to flag potentially altered or fraudulent documents for additional inspection or rejection by USAC’s reviewers. Additionally, the tool should have the ability to identify suspicious repeat document submission patterns (i.e. use of Optical Character Recognition or OCR to scan or inspect W2 income documents with the exact same dollar amounts or other repeat patterns) or technical specifications such as file metadata that would indicate repeated document submissions. The tool should also be able to process at least 40,000 documents for review a day from a performance perspective and be compatible with image and PDF formats.

USAC expects that this tool can be built or configured to operate as a Software Service that could be called from any USAC application that is managing documentation that has been submitted to USAC by applicants in support of their application. The tool shall also be made available so that it is secure and compatible with USAC’s security requirements as follows:

  1. The system availability shall be at minimum 99.6%.
  2. The system shall achieve a FISMA ATO based on USAC IT Security standards.

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