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FCC RFI: USAC Enterprise Automation Tool

Notice ID IT-22-081

“1. Purpose

Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) is issuing this Request for Information (RFI) seeking information from US based companies with the ability to provide an enterprise codeless automation testing solution to reduce the test authoring, scripting and execution time for both User Interface “UI” and Application Programming Interface “API” tests that will integrate with USAC’s existing platforms. The goal of this RFI is to provide USAC with the latest information on codeless testing tools for the purpose of improving and standardizing USAC’s automation testing approach…”

“3. Technical Requirements


The solution should offer the following functionalities/capabilities:

Types of Testing:

  • Automate functional User Interface ‘UI’ and Browser testing
  • Automate functional Application Programming Interface ‘API’ and Service Level Tests
  • Automate Mobile Tests
  • Automate Extract/Transform/Load ‘ETL’ testing

Supported Applications:

  • Support testing applications developed in:
    • Appian Platform
    • JavaScript
    • Java J2EE
  • Support both Representational State Transfer “REST” and Simple Object Access Protocol “SOAP” types of services
  • Support JavaScript Object Notation “JSON”/ Extensible Markup Language “XML” formats for representing the Request and Response data…”

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