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FCC seeking Deputy Managing Director

“This position is in the Office of the Managing Director (OMD), Federal Communications Commission (FCC) located in Washington, DC.”


  • As Deputy Managing Director, the incumbent serves as a principal advisor to the Managing Director on legal, policy, and financial matters of pertaining to the operation, budget, personnel and general administration of the Commission.
  • Represents the Managing Director and the office in dealings with the Chairwoman, Commissioners and Commission officials as well as external agencies in both the public and private sectors.
  • Participates in providing managerial leadership, direction and coordination in assigned functional areas of the Office of the Managing Director, which include Financial Operations, Administrative Operations, Human Resources, Performance Evaluation and Records Management, Information Technology, Contracting and Procurement, and the Commission’s Secretary.
  • Determines actions that can be taken to improve efficiency, accountability, customer service and financial management of the Commission.
  • Assists and participates actively in formulating and executing management and administrative policies and programs for the Commission, including such areas as management planning, program and performance evaluation; management improvement and paperwork reduction; information planning and management; organizational planning; budget preparation and execution; personnel and position management; labor-management relations; financial management; procurement; administrative services and support; personnel and physical security.
  • Reviews programs and procedures of the Commission and makes recommendations to the Managing Director as appropriate to administer the Communications Act more effectively in the public interest and as consistent with law.
  • Assists and advises the Managing Director, Bureau and Office chiefs in assessing the management, administrative and resource implications of Commission policies and initiatives.
  • Advises and submits recommendations to the Managing Director, Bureau and Office Chiefs and directly to the Chairwoman and Commissioners and the Chief of Staff regarding these matters, including revision in Commission priorities, resource and position allocations, management and administrative systems, and other related subjects.

Read the full job description here.



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