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FCW: How GSA is remaking

“The work to reimagine as the virtual ‘federal front door’ to all government services is underway at the General Services Administration, with more details forthcoming this summer.

Under directives in the White House’s customer experience executive order issued last winter, GSA is developing a roadmap to make the website into a central gateway to government services, benefits and programs…”

“The agency is seeking $15 million in new money to fund this activity in the FY2023 budget, with an eye to repositioning to serve as a ‘governmentwide platform that enables high impact service provider responsibilities’ under the CX executive order.

The pitch for agencies is that ‘in the long run, agencies could rely on USAGov for security of their front-end public facing interfaces enabling them to focus on securing their backend systems,’ the budget says…”

“Short-term, the agency is ‘building’ on the products it already has, like and, said Zvenyach, but it’s also playing its role in the larger shift to working across agencies and high-impact service providers to share best practices and find common needs and solutions.

The executive order also instructed GSA to ‘dedicate multi-disciplinary design and development teams to support priority projects of HISPs.’…” Read the full article here.

Source: How GSA is remaking – By Natalie Alms, April 29, 2022. FCW.


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