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Federal News Network: Federal CIO Martorana says agencies adjusting to TMF 2.0 model

“’We are used to simple and seamless interactions in our personal lives. I can log into Grubhub or I can do multiple things and utilize some of the technology available on my devices to have a simple experience. It isn’t that way in a lot of federal enterprises. We can’t transit from agency to agency and have that same identity move with us,’ Martorana said on Ask the CIO. ‘Part of the opportunity is in agencies that have multiple identity systems, making those seamless, safe and secure. We know that we can then build on those lessons learned and actually start to have them help us as we transit across agencies.’

This is why the TMF has evolved from a ‘loan’ or an ‘award’ to that investment, especially given the $1 billion it received under the American Rescue Act Plan in 2021…”

“The program management office now includes more than 15 employees and more are on the way. [Raylene Yung, the executive director of the TMF PMO at the GSA] said her office now offers more experience and expertise in building technology systems, user research and design, and, of course, cybersecurity…”

“’We’re continuously learning from engaging with agencies, the new proposals that we read and the new investments that we make. This unprecedented influx of proposals really taught us a lot more about what agencies are seeking to do, which then informed our criteria, our guidance and all of that,’ Yung said. ‘We really do have this emphasis on not just the older proposals that may have focused on the technology modernization itself, saying we’re going to take that system from the old one to the new one. I think now what we’re really thinking and really asking agencies to show is what is that end user impact? It’s not just about the technical system improving, but it’s what does that achieve? How does the public’s experience with government meaningfully improve?’…” Read the full article here.

Source: Federal CIO Martorana says agencies adjusting to TMF 2.0 model – By Jason Miller, May 2, 2022. Federal News Network.


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