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Federal News Network: FEMA sets self-imposed deadline for moving more applications to the cloud

“For FEMA, cloud services are a lifeline to disaster survivors…

Lytwaive Hutchinson, the outgoing FEMA chief information officer, said the scalability and flexibility of cloud services along with the innovation from providers means the agency continually adapt to the changing needs of citizens.

‘Our goal is to, by the end of this year, have at least 50% of all of our systems and services that are cloud ready to be moved into the cloud,’ Hutchinson said during a recent panel sponsored by ACT-IAC, an excerpt of which was part of the Ask the CIO program. ‘I’ve had conversations with some vendors and some folks about lift-and-shift, lift-and-shift is my last resort. That is not something that’s viable. My first look is to take capability and actually either modernize them and/or move them into the cloud because they are cloud ready or if they are not, then they should remain on-premise.’…

‘Our goal is to ensure that our services do not become obsolete by just adding on a building on to current technology, but embracing new technology as that technology availed itself,’ Hutchinson said. ‘You also heard us talk a little bit about our theme for this year, which is delivering digital equities. I know it’s a really nice little catchphrase, but it really does mean something to us. It is about delivering equity to our IT partners and to our citizens to be able to access being this data, not just access it, but access it securely. We also want to make sure that we are taking care of our disabled community, and that we’re ensuring that our systems, our services, our websites are ready for them to also be able to utilize. We have a lot going on across FEMA as it relates to systems and services that we would like to deliver to our partners and to our citizens to be able to take advantage of the capability that FEMA brings to bear especially during the time of need in a disaster.’…” Read the full article here.

Source: FEMA sets self-imposed deadline for moving more applications to the cloud – By Jason Miller, May 26, 2022. Federal News Network.


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