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How Zero Trust modernized DOJ grants management

“As federal agencies hunker down on modernization efforts and cybersecurity capabilities, the Office of Justice Programs has been integrating zero trust frameworks into the modernization of its grants management system over the past few years.

The office issues grants across the Justice Department and began modernizing its grants management system in 2018. After a year of planning, OJP’s IT team saw that integrating an identity governance strategy would be a critical piece of the modernization strategy. OJP CISO Jaime Lynne Noble noted this was especially key amid all of the stakeholders who engage with the grants system…”

“To ensure secure access for these various parties, Noble and her team started to implement an identity governance system alongside an access management system for the grants management system starting in 2019. OJP conducted a bulk of this work by partnering with the General Services Administration’s and

‘If want to apply for federal funding, they already have to have an identity in, so we match this entity administrator with their identity in SAM,gov,’ Noble said. ‘The person is then responsible for inviting others to be part of their external organization to manage the funds. They typically have an application submitter, they have somebody who’s in charge of the funds, and then they have somebody that’s in charge at their entity that would approve or accept the award if they are awarded funding.’…” Read the full article here.

Source: How Zero Trust Modernized Grants Management at Justice Department – By Melissa Harris, May 2, 2022. GovCIO.


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