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GSA RFI: PBS Unified User Interface (UUI) Facility Solution Support

Notice ID: RFIFacilitySolutionSupport


In order to improve asset management, increase operational efficiencies, and reduce energy waste, the General Services Administration (GSA), in support of the Public Buildings Service, Office of Facility Management, is seeking a Unified User Interface (UUI) to integrate and converge data from various operational technologies (OT).

Traditionally, the various building systems (e.g., access control, building automation system (BAS), lighting, computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), energy management, metering, etc.) have been siloed from each other. However, by implementing a UUI, these systems will report back to a central location. By integrating these systems to a centralized platform, the UUI is able to act as the orchestration engine, enabling integrated sequences of operation (ISOO).

These ISOOs allow data in one system or platform to permit an action to occur in another. This Use Case is to develop a platform that pulls the data from the disparate OT systems and enterprise solutions, improving the ease with which facility members are able to access information and make data-driven decisions. The integration and convergence of various systems and sequences of operations (SOOs) improves the efficiency and experience of the building. A UUI will be implemented for the monitoring, supervision, and OT control from a centralized location without a dependency on the end user knowing the disparate system nuances. While each individual system will still maintain control (in the event the UUI fails), 90% of the day-to-day changes will be made from the UUI.

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