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MeriTalk: Cyber Central: Agencies Need to Approach Zero Trust Strategically

“As President Biden’s cybersecurity executive order (EO) stretches past its first year, Federal agencies are at varied points in their progress on the EO’s orders. Federal leaders say it is important for agencies to approach the EO’s zero trust components strategically and understand their networks as they make the move to a zero trust architecture.

Part of the EO called for agencies to move towards cloud infrastructure, but Kevin Walsh, director for IT and Cybersecurity for the Government Accountability Office (GAO), said at MeriTalk’s Cyber Central event today that organizations need to first decide what makes sense to go into the cloud versus what makes sense to maintain as a legacy system…

Walsh also brought up that for an agency like the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), it makes more sense to keep control tower data in on-site data centers to prevent latency on crucial decisions. Driving the point home, Walsh said all this means that Federal agencies need to think through their move to the cloud strategically.

‘When shifting to the cloud, agencies really need to think it through they need to think through how critical this is,’ he said. ‘What are the associated risks, costs, and potential staffing? … But we also need to think it … for the old stuff that we decided to keep, how are we going to make sure we wrap it up and encapsulate it so that we can keep it running, but also keep it secure?’…” Read the full article here.

Source:  Cyber Central: Agencies Need to Approach Zero Trust Strategically – By Lamar Johnson, May 19, 2022. MeriTalk.



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