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NRC seeking Chief, Cyber Security Branch

“This position is located in Office of Nuclear Security and Incident Response, Division of Physical and Cyber Security Policy (DPCP), Cyber Security Branch (CSB).”


  • As the Branch Chief for the Cyber Security Branch, you will be responsible for managing, supervising, and coordinating the Branch staff’s execution of diverse activities by promoting staff utilization of appropriate Agency processes, including evolving risk-informed initiatives, and leading efforts to innovate and advance approaches that improve organizational efficiency and effectiveness of regulatory activities and decisions.
  • You will ensure subordinates understand organizational objectives, assignments, and priorities as derived from the strategic, operating, and performance plans.
  • Ensures plans and schedules are developed and maintained and result in the completion of assigned tasks.
  • Ensures the tasks accomplished by the Branch’s staff are consistent with the organizational mission, values, and strategic and operating plans.
  • Ensures appropriate actions are taken in response to licensing, oversight, enforcement, rulemaking, and policy program activities within the Branch’s scope of responsibility.
  • Consistently applies the Commission’s Principles of Good Regulation in management activities and regulatory decisions within the scope of the branch’s activities.

Read the full job description here.


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