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Press Release: INADEV wins Treasury IRS EDCMO Innovative Augmented Reality contract

“INADEV is proud to announce a continued relationship with the Department of Treasury’s Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for a 5-year contract, partnering with the IRS Enterprise Digitalization and Case Management Office (ED&CMO). INADEV was awarded the contract for the IRS Augmented Reality (AR) solution. Our immersive AR technology solution will be a mobile tax compliance assistant that safely and securely puts a real-time tax information tool in the palm of the taxpayer’s hand with a goal to improve the taxpayer experience. We will work towards delivering a seamless and frictionless experience with an app that promotes taxpayer self-service and plans to deliver answers easily and efficiently to the taxpayer.

INADEV’s solution is part of the IRS’s pioneering acquisition program, Pilot IRS. Rather than prescribing a solution to which vendors respond (which can limit innovation), Pilot IRS promotes vendor creativity and ingenuity to propose emerging technologies that can best benefit the IRS and the American taxpayer.

INADEV’s mobile tax compliance assistant solution uses AR and Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) to create a text overlay of helpful information on a screen when a mobile device’s camera hovers over a tax form or IRS image. Using this technology, the app canintuitively recognize IRS forms, clarifies categories and fields (like “Filing Status,” “Dependents,” or “Standard Deductions”). The taxpayer will then receive instant, superimposed instructions and recommendations gathered from publicly available IRS information tailored to users’ needs. Our immersive technology solution will provide a “one-stop-shop” for all tax-related information. Using AI/ML and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to ask relevant questions and make suggestions from prompts, the app will guide taxpayers to helpful articles and news stories on

Ultimately, the hope is that the app will increase taxpayer efficiency, improve the taxpayer experience and provide value to the taxpayer. By simply using the app and aiming a mobile device at a specific tax form (either printed or on another device screen), it will allow taxpayers to discover important information and help answer their questions in real-time and any time they want to use it (24x7x365). For example, if a taxpayer needs help with filing status, the app will suggest which box to check given the taxpayer’s unique and specific tax situation. It will also answer questions directly through the AI/ML and Natural Language Processing (NLP) chatbot, immediately offering the taxpayer links to highly relevant information on To continually increase taxpayer efficiency and value, the mobile app will also send personalized push notifications specific to each person’s unique needs. These notifications will include important updates from the IRS, such as new filing requirements or extended deadlines.

‘It’s definitely something I would use!,’ said one taxpayer who used a pre-production version of the app. We intend to have our innovative mobile solution behind the scenes always lending taxpayer help to maximize the taxpayer experience…” Read the full release here.

Source: INADEV Wins IRS Prime Contract for Innovative Augmented Reality Mobile Solution – May 5, 2022. PRWeb.

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