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TRE IRS RFI: Analytical and Investigative Software Solution services

Notice ID: RFQ159574


Contract support for CI will provide a data agnostic platform and be able to integrate information in nearly any format without impact to the current solution designed to meet IRS CI’s unique and critical needs in combating all types of financial crimes. Additionally, the solution would need to maintain the Lead and Case Analytics (LCA) application and support CI needs for an advanced analytical application used by over 2000 CI agents and investigative support staff and prevent disruption to current investigative operations.  The Contractor would need to provide the LCA project with architecturally consistent requirements, compatibility and interoperability with current equipment, data interfaces and the user-facing LCA application environment.

The Contractor shall use innovative technologies for rapid and accurate data integration that are optimized for the specific format, source, and purpose of each individual data source. Once data is integrated, the system will provide user workflows and flexible data modeling capabilities that allow for configurations even after deployment. LCA specific features include, but are not limited to, the ability to load, organize, assimilate, and summarize large amounts of disparate structured and unstructured data from internal and external sources, provide strict access controls and audit trails, and file sharing in a secure environment. Additionally, data analysis support services are necessary to assist CI applications users in meeting investigative goals.

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