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Treasury IRS Commissioner on transition to

“The IRS’ ability to offer an array of online services to Americans is contingent upon the agency’s ability to feel confident the people logging on to its online services are who they claim to be, IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig told lawmakers at a Tuesday hearing in front of a subcommittee of the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Identity proofing users is something the agency has struggled to do for years. It recently faced public scrutiny from lawmakers and digital privacy advocates over using facial recognition provided by digital identity company to verify identities…”

“The agency is ‘about five years from, I think, being what the agency should be in terms of the ability of the folks who want to just interact with us online, to do everything with us online, with the exception of filing a return,’ said Rettig. ‘It could be a little more. It depends upon the funding that we get. It depends upon the technologies that develop.’…”

“Rettig said the agency turned to’s services because the IRS’ old system struggled to authenticate legitimate users.

‘The system we had before had about a 40% authentication rate… About 60% were not getting into the systems and had to walk into the site or had to call, which when we are on our heels from an inventory perspective is not a meaningful thing for the people in this country,’ said Rettig…” Read the full article here.

Source: IRS leader explains why the IRS went to – By Natalie Alms, May 4, 2022. FCW.


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