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US Courts seeking Contracting Officer, Department of Technology Services Contracting Branch

“This position is located in the Department of Administrative Services, Finance and Procurement Office, Procurement Management Division, Department of Technology Services Contracting Branch. The incumbent performs work assignments associated with pre-award, post-award and contract closeout activities. The incumbent will be responsible for communicating with customers to plan acquisition activities as well.”


  • Performing mid to senior level contract specialist work assignments associated with pre-award, post-award, and contract closeout activities.
  • Serving as a Contracting Officer.
  • Performing the full range of contract specialist duties necessary to award, administer, and close out a variety of contract types, including fixed price, cost, time and materials, and labor hours.
  • Performing all contracting functions for important and complex agency acquisitions involving diverse supplies and services, e.g., IT, telecommunications, cloud services, software, hardware, and other systems and subsystems; and negotiating complex contract modifications.
  • Preparing pre-award and post-award documents, e.g., solicitations, market research reports, pre-negotiation and post- negotiation memoranda, responsibility determinations, waivers, justifications, and approvals for other than full and open competition, determinations and findings, protest responses, debriefings, contracting officer’s final decisions, and cure notices.
  • Monitoring contractors’ performance, evaluating and negotiating change orders and contract modifications, and resolving post-award performance or payment problems.
  • Utilizing in-depth price/cost analysis techniques for supporting the development of pre-negotiation and award price determination documents.
  • Serving as an advisor to customers at the Administrative Office and the courts nationwide on contracting issues.

Read the full job description here.



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