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US Courts Sources Sought: Digital Audio and Video Recording with Speech-to-Text Software Solution Service

Notice ID: PRO230020


The AO is looking for a software solution to digitally record audio and to provide real-time transcription during hearings and trials directly from a courtroom AV system, and to provide a written transcript after the proceedings have concluded.  The solution would be for all court types: Appellate, District, and Bankruptcy.

The software shall be able to record and playback the court proceedings, with a minimum of 4 channels of audio up to 16 channels of audio. Within the software there should be a method of selecting the court type and enabling specific features and labeling of the audio channels. (E.g., for Appellate, the multiple judges’ names, respondent 1 and respondent 2; for District, judge, prosecution or counsel 1, defense or counsel 2, witness, defendant, plaintiff, lower bench, lectern, juror box; for Bankruptcy, judge, trustee, debtor, witness, etc.) Each channel should be separately manageable and have time stamps when participants speak. The audio will be recorded and saved in a format that the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA) prefers; the Broadcast Wave (BWF) format or Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC) format, with each channel uniquely available to be muted and/or allow for individual channel volume adjustments. The audio file will be saved locally to a computer’s physical hard drive (either internal or an externally connected drive), with the ability to archive to a network location. To minimize post hearing handling of the record, a hearing will have a separate identifiable audio file set, eliminating the need to extract a hearing’s audio from a group of hearings prior to NARA archival. A single audio recording will continue as long as the software operator has the recording process activated.

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